PATH OF THE GIFTED Mentorship Session

Monthly Payment Plan

Pay In Full

What You Get:

  •  Once you’ve had a few individual mentorship or reading/healing sessions with me and you’re ready to commit more to your path and go deeper.
  • Let’s go forth courageously into your mastery and spiritual purpose.
  • 6 (six) 30 minute Mentorship sessions  
  • Non-Refundable
  • All sessions in this package must be scheduled within the time allotted (90 days).  

The first step step of the Mentorship process is the inception of the transformation by releasing limitation.

Removing ALL programs, balancing the multifaceted nature of the mind, body, spirit, doing shadow journeys to truly become multidimensional and sovereign is imperative to the authentic soul integration and ascension process.  

Most Mentors, myself included, have spent 20-40 years and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education, certifications, went on many soul quests, done past life integration to remember wisdom acquired over lifetimes, and done intense shadow work to be able to hold space for you to achieve results in a year or less at a substantial savings of time and money.